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Munchkin Scottish fold Kittens For Sale

Welcome to Pet Paradise, one of the most reputable and affordable Munchkin Scottish Fold Breeders in the US. You can also buy top cat  food brands like Purina from us and get it shipped to your home. Do not missed the chance to own a playful home raised  Munchkin kitten for sale and enjoy, ✓ FREE DELIVERY, ✓ 1 YEAR HEALTH CERTIFICATE. All our Scottish fold cat for sale have very friendly temperaments and loves to be curdled. Quickly find the best offers for Scottish folds and Munchkin kittens  from us. Buy products related to dry kitten food, kitten wet food and see what customers say. We are the most convenient way to purchase cat food in bulk online.

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-Types of Kittens –

At Pet Paradise Cattery we offer a range of Munchkin kittens for adoption breeds.  See below for info on each type of cat we breed

Munchkin Fold

Munchkin Folds possess both the folded ear trait of a Scottish Fold and the short legs of the Munchkin to produce one of the cutest animals in existence.  In addition to their amazing looks, Munchkin Folds also have amazing personalities.  You will often find them striking hilarious posses around the house, following their humans around the house (they love people), or snuggled up on someone’s lap.  Our Munchkin Folds typically have stocky builds, fat cheeks, medium fur, and owl like round faces. Please do not fail to check our available munchkin kittens page for Munchkin kittens for adoption and teacup Munchkin kittens for sale.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are known for the way their ears flop downward on their heads.  Our Scottish Folds are very loving and love to have their bellies rubbed.  They are very loyal animals and will snuggle you as much as you will let them.  Another interesting thing about our Scottish Folds is their adorable sing song meows.  It is very cute, particularly when they see you opening a can of wet food or the catnip jar!  They are great with kids, the elderly, and other pets (including dogs)